HBO proved a bit cagey in confirming that 'True Detective' had any involvement from Jessica Chastain, but another critically-acclaimed HBO series isn't hesitating to scoop up a fan-favorite actress. Fresh off the 'Community' cancellation, 'Girls' season 4 has added Gillian Jacobs to Britta Lena Dunham's life in a mysterious recurring role.

TVLine broke the news of Jacobs' casting, though few detail of the role have been released beyond its recurring status, and the character's name Mimi-Rose Howard, as evidenced by the episode 5 title "Mimi-Rose." Jacobs is the first 'Community' cast member to land a new gig after the critical favorite's untimely cancellation, though the second to appear on 'Girls' following Donald Glover's guest appearance in season 2..

Elsewhere, we know of ‘Girls’ season 4 that production will likely return to the 10-episode format over season 3′s elevation to 12, while series star Andrew Rannells will enter season 4 promoted to series regular, and Adam Driver will remain a regular despite his 'Star Wars' casting. We'll also see Hannah undertaking the Iowa writers’ graduate school program that became a focus of the season 3 finale, despite the fact that the actual Iowa university denied Dunham the opportunity to film there. Additionally, 'Homeland' star Marin Ireland, young filmmaker Desiree Akhavan and actor Peter Mark Kendall have been given recurring roles as fellow students in the Iowa writing program.

Certainly the most exciting news we've heard for 'Girls' season 4 yet, but what say you? Does Gillian Jacobs make a good fit for Hannah Horvath's world? What other 'Community' stars would you want to see returning to TV?