It’s easy to attach J.J. Abrams’ name to a Bad Robot project and call it a day, but in the case of HBO’s highest post-Westworld pickup, the association might actually mean something. So it is, that Bad Robot is developing interstellar drama Glare for the pay cable network, taking a little trip beyond Westworld.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Glare is described as “an hourlong drama exploring the colonization of another planet.” The script will be written by Enemy scribe Javier Gullón, who also executive produces under a blind script deal with Bad Robot.

For his part, Abrams now adds Glare to a recent TV roster that includes Westworld, Showtime’s since-canceled Roadies, Hulu’s James Franco time-traveler 11.22.63 and CBS’ Person of Interest, both of which wrapped their respective runs earlier in 2016.

Certainly HBO isn’t going to stop seeking out their next high-profile drama, after Westworld offered a temporary reprieve to its many canceled projects (even then, Westworld is off until 2018), so might Glare prove the next big thing?

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