Considering he just won them a bucket full of Emmys for the Julianne Moore-fronted Sarah Palin drama 'Game Change,' HBO is staying in business with director Jay Roach.  Following his second directorial effort at the pay-cable network, Roach will next set his sights on developing a full-length series for the network, aided by 'Zombieland' scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, but what could their new drama 'Our Father' bring to the table?  Does HBO have a wing and a prayer to do another show about faith?

HBO might not have any 'Big Love' anymore, but it's keeping its religion.  According to Deadline, the pay-cable network has begun development of 'Our Father,' the story of one of America’s most powerful pastors who "fights to rediscover faith, reconnect with family, and return to dominance in the face of unlikely enemies."

The project will be directed by 'Game Change' and 'Recount' director Jay Roach, using the 'Zombieland' team of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to write.  All three will executive produce the show, no doubt owing to Roach's recent Emmy wins for 'Game Change.

'Our Father' is the second drama with a religious bent on HBO's development slate, including the Benjamin Walker-fronted Cold War drama 'The Missionary.'  Do you think 'Our Father' could be the next great story of faith and corruption?  Sound off in the comments below!