HBO’s Westworld peeled back the curtain a bit this past weekend with the addition of new photos and some exclusive Comic-Con footage, but a 2016 premiere leaves room for a bit of turnover. Such seems to be the case, as the Jonathan Nolan-adapted project loses Lord of the Rings star Miranda Otto, but gains Eion Bailey, Jimmi Simpson and others.

Per Entertainment Weekly, Otto apparently left after the pilot as producers re-conceived her role (she also quickly rebounded with Homeland), while joining the cast are Band of Brothers alum Eion Bailey, House of Cards wildcard Jimmi Simpson, Pacific Rim star Clifton Collins Jr. and Danish actress Sidse Babbett Knudsen.

Here’s how HBO described the new cast:

Eion Bailey as Logan, a “louche bachelor and veteran Westworld guest. His hedonistic romp through Westworld is equally motivated by self-indulgence and a desire to help his friend, William.”

Jimmi Simpson as William, a “reluctant first time visitor to Westworld, joining his friend, Logan. Initially dismissive of the park’s more lascivious attractions, he slowly uncovers a deeper meaning to the park’s narrative.”

Clifton Collins, Jr. as Lawrence, a “charming but lethal outlaw, with a knack for maneuvering and negotiating the various criminal elements of Westworld.”

Sidse Babbett Knudsen as Theresa Cullen, “Westworld’s terse operations leader, responsible for keeping the park from sliding into unscripted chaos.” This replaces the role that Otto originally played in the pilot.

Bad Robot’s Westworld remakes the 1973 tale as “a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin.” Person of Interest creator and The Dark Knight co-writer Jonathan Nolan wrote the script with Burn Notice scribe Lisa Joy, with Nolan directing the pilot. Nolan and Joy will executive produce with Abrams, Jerry Weintraub and Bryan Burk.

HBO’s Westworld employs among its cast Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, X-Men star James Marsden, The Hunger Games and Boardwalk Empire star Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton, Raising Hope lead Shannon Woodward, 300 star Rodrigo Santoro, Angela Sarafyan and Simon Quarterman. Some of the cast members playing androids (Marsden, Newton, Wood) may also end up killed off and brought back with a new personality, similar to how American Horror Story enables its cast to play different characters.

For those unfamiliar with the original 1973 Yul Brynner-James Brolin film, Westworld told the story of a future resort wherein guests pay to live out time period fantasies brought to life by sophisticated human-like androids, before the robots began malfunctioning and killing the resort’s crew. The film spawned the sequel Futureworld, and eventually the short-lived ‘80s TV series Beyond Westworld.

We’ll hopefully see a trailer before long, but what can we make of Westworld’s additions and subtraction?