Given that 'Homeland' season 2 won't officially premiere until September 30, things have been pretty quiet on the home front.  We know a few scant details here and there of what's happened in the six months since we left Carrie receiving electro-shock therapy and Sgt. Brody taking on a new assignment, but what does the latest teaser have to offer?

Clearly, the folks at Showtime have been operating their teasers under a few very simple principles.  For the first, along with the 'Dexter' sneak peek we saw earlier, teasers must not be more than twenty seconds in length, and reveal any more than a simple tagline on a graphic background.  Secondly...Batman.

That's right, practically ripped from the screenplay of 'Batman Begins' is the latest teaser for Showtime's second season of 'Homeland,' which ominously taglines: "Why kill a man, when you can kill an idea?"  Clearly, the sentiment is meant to evoke Nicholas Brody (Damien Lewis) shifting his terrorist objective from killing Vice President Walden, to destroying Democracy from within, but come on, the guy even sounds like Liam Neeson!

In any case, we're still criminally excited for the new season of 'Homeland,' which follows the seventh season premiere of 'Dexter' on Sunday, September 30.  Check out the new teaser below, and tell us in your gravelliest Batman voice what you're most excited to see about the new season!