Sweet merciful death, may you never again darken TV’s door. Earlier this week we learned that Showtime’s Homeland would chronicle the tender time between presidencies during its tenure in New York, though questions loomed as to that big, bedridden cliffhanger from last year. Fear not, friends, for Homeland Season 6 will indeed have a Friend in Quinn, alive and well.

TVLine formally confirmed that series star Rupert Friend would return his series regular role as Peter Quinn, last seen near-braindead after a losing battle to recover from a dose of sarin gas, and nearly euthanized by Claire Danes’ Carrie. A last-second providence saw Carrie relenting in the deed, but how on Earth will Quinn still maintain a regular role?

“I hope he enjoys eating through a tube,” joked Friend to EW at a recent Homeland panel, while showrunner Alex Gansa offered:

How Peter Quinn’s character is gonna be dramatized this year is going to surprise people, and it may not be what you think.

Elsewhere of Season 6, we know that the move to New York will chronicle the aftermath of a presidential election, particularly the tender transition of power, though Gansa downplayed the likelihood of staging any kind of significant terrorism event. Carrie’s stateside return will also enable her to reconnect with some familiar faces (we’ll go ahead and quietly ignore the late Nicholas Brody also shooting in NYC), though Gansa wouldn’t specify who, if any of the Brody clan might return.

Homeland Season 6 will have further announcements as shooting commences in the next few months, but will Season 6 justify the return of Quinn?

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