House of the Dragon explores the lore of Game of Thrones, further explaining the prophecy of “The Prince Who Was Promised.” Now we know for sure that the Prince was Jon Snow…or Daenerys…or both. But in the present day, Rhaenrya is deciding what kind of ruler she will want to be. Will she follow the path of her beloved uncle Daemon? Or be on the straight and narrow, like her friend Alicent?

In our latest House of Dragon, we break down all the Easter eggs, hidden secrets, and little details you might have missed in Episode 4 of the show, “King of the Narrow Sea.” We explore the evolving relationship between Viserys and Daemon, Rhaenyra’s unhappy search for a man, Allicent and Rhaenyra’ complex connection, and how all of this connects to the history of Westeros we previously learned in Game of Thrones. See all of the Easter Eggs you might have missed below:

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