Despite its growing status as a provider of original content, Hulu’s evolution and subscription model has consistently faced complains over advertisements, even for premium users. Now, the streaming service is reportedly considering development of an ad-free Hulu, albeit for a steep price.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Hulu executives have begun development on an internal project cleverly named “NOAH” (No Ad Hulu), at least exploring the possibility of an ad-free membership, one which could launch as early as the fall. That’s certainly good news for paying customers, but payment itself may create something of a sticking point.

Those paying $7.99 a month for the current service may continue to do so, though the Wall Street Journal estimates the ad-free tier could jump as high as $12 to $14. That may not seem like a tremendous change, though it’s at least higher than either Netflix or Amazon subscriptions. At best, the Hulu model would enable subscribers to watch uninterrupted episodes the day after their airing, as opposed to a season at a time.

There’s to telling how much more fluctuation we’ll see in the current streaming market, but is an ad-free Hulu worth a few extra bucks? We’ll stay tuned to see how Hulu handles the move.