Original Hulu programming seems finally to have achieved competitive status with the likes of Golden Globe nominee Casual, and other high-profile series like Billy Eichner’s Difficult People, or James Franco’s upcoming 11.22.63. That status seems to have come with a cost however, as one of the service’s first acquisitions, Seth Meyers superhero cartoon The Awesomes, has been canceled.

Per Deadline, Hulu has declined to pick up a fourth season of the little-watched cult favorite, which itself ended a third season last month. Following a team of up-and-coming superheroes, The Awesomes starred Meyers himself, fellow SNL alum Bill Hader, Kenan Thompson and Taran Killam, along with Ike Barinholtz, Rashida Jones, Mad TV vets Bobby Lee and Josh Meyers, even Tonight Show partner Steve Higgins.

On the plus side at least, the report claims producers have entered discussions with other potential distributors, though no salvation has been confirmed as of yet. Certainly The Awesomes had a notable following as one of Hulu’s first original series, but is the streaming service upping its standards? Watch the most recent trailer below.