Everyone wants the Infinity Gauntlet. If Thanos can get it in Avengers: Infinity War, he can control the universe, and achieve his dream of wiping out half of all life everywhere. (Thanos is kind of a jerk.) He spends the whole movie trying to get all six Infinity Stones. He sacrifices greatly in his quest. He pays a heavy cost.

Guess he should have just gone to Disneyland.

Had he just gone to the Happiest Place on Earth (specifically to the Hollywood Land area of Disney’s California Adventure by the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout! ride) he could have gotten an Infinity Gauntlet very easily. And not just any silly old glove. This Infinity Gauntlet you can drink things out of.


Here is a video of the Gauntlet in action.

Fear the might of the six Infinity Stones: Power, Mind, Time, Soul, Reality, and Cola!

The Infinity Gauntlet cup will set you back $20. That’s pretty pricy for a soft drink. But since it also comes with the gauntlet and the power to reshape the entire universe, it’s kind of a bargain. Look at it this way: Once you buy the Infinity Gauntlet, you can then use it to create $20 more. Or give yourself $100,000,000. Or make french fries the new American currency. Or give your Infinity Gauntlet cup free refills! So it’s totally worth it.

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