We’re admittedly open-minded for Iron Fist Season 2, given the new creative team and added Misty Knight, and we may not wait long for a sneak peek. Reports indicate Season 2 production could begin as early as December, leaving a premiere date unclear.

Even as Marvel only announced Iron Fist Season 2 from Comic-Con, a new report from Screen Geek (no affiliation) sees Season 1 star Sacha Dhawan predicting a December start. Dhawan also seems uncertain whether Davos will return (he totally will), but he seemed more assured after the first premiere:

It’s definitely not been confirmed whether or not I’ll be in it, but they’re hopefully starting in December. You know with things always changing, Marvel are pretty good adapting to any kind of situation. […]

I hope [we'll see the more mystical side]. That’s the most intriguing part with my character and for me – is the world of K’un Lun. I would love to see more of Danny and Davos’ training in K’un Lun. You know with Lei-Kung, The Thunderer. [Hopefully] Gonna’ see all of that, and see a lot more of him hopefully. I think there is an interesting dynamic. There’s a bit of a story to be told.

Elsewhere of Iron Fist Season 2, Sleepy Hollow alum Raven Metzner will take over showrunning duties from Scott Buck, bringing in “an entirely new writers room for season two that will be more grounded.” Simone Missick will join the cast as Misty Knight, nodding to her character’s comic relationship with Danny Rand and the “Daughters of the Dragon” pairing with Colleen Wing.

That said, Iron Fist Season 2 still might wait until 2019, given Jessica Jones Season 2, Luke Cage Season 2, and Daredevil Season 3 expected in 2018. Stay tuned for more as Danny Rand’s return ramps up.

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