Plenty of familiar Iron Fist names were floated throughout the casting process, though several seemed to fall by the wayside as production got underway. Now, not only has a major Iron Fist character been confirmed for a stealthy Season 1 appearance, but said star is already eying a Season 2 return.

You’re warned of major spoilers for the first season of Iron Fist from here on out, but those wondering if the villainous “Steel Serpent” would put in an appearance got a surprising answer in the ninth and tenth episodes. Sherlock and 24 alum Sacha Dhawan was officially revealed as Davos, Danny Rand’s childhood friend and partner in K’un L’un, and better known as Marvel Comics’ Steel Serpent.

Iron Fist Steel Serpent Davos Sacha Dhawan
Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images / Marvel

The character is typically portrayed with a more antagonistic relationship to Danny, having previously failed to obtain the power of the Iron Fist from Shou-Lao the Undying. As we see in Netflix’s version, Davos is initially more interested in returning his friend to K’un L’un, but clearly harbors some resentment toward Danny’s unworthiness of the Iron Fist title.

That rivalry, as Dhawan tells UK’s RadioTimes, would wait for a potential second season of Iron Fist, rather than come to a head in The Defenders:

I’m not in the Defenders, no. The crux of Danny and Davos’ story I think really begins towards the end of season 1, and I think they didn’t want to start it straight away into the Defenders, and wanted to save it for series 2.

Dhawan could only offer “fingers crossed” of a possible Iron Fist Season 2, which remains an uncertainty in light of the series’ poor early reviews. Also worth noting, the Netflix series have previously alluded to Davos, as Daredevil Season 1 introduced the “Steel Serpent” heroin brand that resurfaced in Iron Fist, and may yet continue into The Defenders.

Many have suggested that Marvel and Netflix should instead pursue a join Luke Cage and Iron Fist series, given their frequent “Heroes for Hire” pairing in comics, but should Iron Fist be given a second season to explore Sacha Dhawan’s Davos further?

All episodes of Season 1 are available to stream on Netflix.

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