Spider-Man is simultaneously the closest and furthest from Marvel’s Netflix Defenders; a street-level New York hero, but one whose relationship with the MCU is tied with another studio. Iron Fist seems least of all the Marvel hero to meet the wall-crawler, yet a curious change in Netflix’s Italian dub makes reference to Spidey.

You’re warned of minor Iron Fist spoilers from here on out, but it seems Italian-speaking viewers of the fourth Defender series have pointed out a bizarre easter egg (h/t ComicBook), in which a fourth-episode reference to “Daredevil” is changed to “Spider-Man” with Italian audio. The moment occurs in “Eight Diagram Dragon Palm,” as Danny awakens in Harold Meachum’s penthouse to find Ward standing over him.

In English, Ward notes that Danny was climbing the side of the building “like goddamn Daredevil,” and we’ve confirmed the Italian dub substitutes “Spider-Man” in its place. See for yourself:

It’s plausible the bit was intended as an easter egg, but could just as easily be ascribed to error, or translation troubles with “Daredevil.” The reference doesn’t make complete sense in-context, either, as even if we presume Iron Fist takes place after the events of Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man isn’t known to have made many public appearances just yet.

We’ve reached out to Marvel and Netflix to clarify why this change was made, and will update with any comment. In the meantime, keep dreaming that Spider-Man might team up with The Defenders.

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