So who (or what) are all these new 'Iron Man' armors? 'Iron Man 3' promises a lot of surprises for superhero fans including some fancy upgrades to the Iron Man suit. As you saw in the trailer (and at San Diego Comic-Con), Tony Stark will skip from the Mark VIII to the Mark XLVII armor in 'Iron Man 3' after he's injected with the Extremis technology. But that's not all 'Iron Man 3' has up its sleeve... Tony Stark is going to have a whole army of Iron Men at his disposal (as you can see in the brand new 'Iron Man 3' poster).

Below we take a look at the new Iron Man armors that look to appear in 'Iron Man 3' from the ones you may have heard of (the Mark 47) to the ones that are (supposed to be) top secret (what is the Iron Man Heartbreaker suit?). Stay ahead of the game and know what to expect from 'Iron Man 3' with our guide to the new Iron Man armors!

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    Mark XLVII

    In the first two 'Iron Man' films, Tony Stark went through armors Mark I-VII but in 'Iron Man 3' he'll skip all the way ahead to Mark XLVII (that's Mark 47 for those of you counting at home). The Mark XLVII armor is tied directly in with the Extremis nanotechnology and allows Tony Stark to control it with his mind. The suit is able to fly in separate pieces and wrap itself around Tony as needed. It also allows Tony to remotely control the suit, even when he's not wearing it.

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    Deep Space Armor

    In the 'Iron Man' comics, Stark created his first "Deep Space" suit in the 80s, which included booster jets, a compression gel to protect against G-force and an expanding solar sail to assist with re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. 'Iron Man 3' will reportedly include a scene where Iron Man travels into space with this new Deep Space armor, a sequence that would lead directly into the cosmic nature of 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'

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    The Hulkbuster is not its own armor but actually an exo-module the wraps on top of the existing armor. It was created by Tony Stark to originally battle Crimson Dynamo but was most famously used to stop Hulk when he was rampaging around an AIM building. The armor can lift over 175 tons and can survive the Hulk's attacks with minimal damage. It also provides significant upgrades to the existing Iron Man suit including the unibeam and repulsors.

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    What is the Heartbreaker suit? So far we don't know much about what upgrades the suit offers over the traditional Mark XLVII armor but it certainly looks heavily reinforced with a much larger chest piece. The current theory is that Stark uses this armor during the 'Iron Man 3' finale to battle Mandarin and other villains who have been strengthened by the Extremis technology and were then able to fight Iron Man in hand-to-hand combat.

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    Ghost Armor

    The Ghost Armor (Mark XXVII in the comics) is made of advance composite ceramic fused with a Kevlar like substance. It allows Iron Man to have the protection of his traditional suit while rending him almost completely undetectable by radar or superhuman sense. The suit features a noise-reduction engine and the exterior of the suit displays holographic images of its surroundings allowing Iron Man to completely blend into the background, rendering him nearly invisible. We don't know if the Ghost Armor will appear in 'Iron Man 3' but it is part of the movie's toy line so you never know...

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    Stealth Armor

    The Iron Man Stealth Armor first appeared in 1981 and was designed very much like the classic Stealth Bomber you'd see in the military. Tony Stark created the Stealth Armor after he became frustrated he was easily tracked on radar while using the aforementioned Deep Space Armor. It was originally designed with no weapons to allow for the most space available for evasion components. Stark would later upgrade the armor with plastic/ceramic shell that would protect him against Magneto. You can get a look at what the Stealth Armor will look like in the film via this zoom of the 'Iron Man 3' poster.

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    Hydro Armor

    As we saw in 'The Avengers,' the original Iron Man suit did just find underwater. But in the comics, Tony Stark needed something for deep sea missions: enter the Hydro Armor. The suit is specifically used by Tony in 'Iron Man 3' to search for evidence at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean after his Malibu home is destroyed by Mandarin. This suit looks relatively little like the one in the comics, which looked more like a deep sea diving suit, complete with glass helmet on top. The comic version of the suit included some underwater themed weapons including the ability to charge like an electric eel and shoot ink like a squid.

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    Hypervelocity Autonomous Personnel Protector

    This armor, known affectionately as H.A.P.P.Y. is difficult to get into without divulging some larger 'Iron Man 3' spoilers and plot points. But it includes some new and improved A.I. that assists Iron Man in battle.

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    Godkiller Armor

    The Godkiller Armor is another suit designed by Tony Stark for space travel. Not nearly as advanced as the Deep Space Armor, the Godkiller is most noticeable for it's redesigned faceplate that looks unlike the majority of the Iron Man armors. Like the H.A.P.P.Y. suit, the Godkiller Armor also contains a new A.I., this time modeled after Pepper Potts.


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