After five 'Iron Man 3' posters that including Iron Man, War Machine/Iron Patriot, Mandarin, Aldrich Killian and Pepper Potts, today we have a look at an awesome new 'Iron Man 3' poster that highlights some of the other stars of the film: the many new Iron Men in Tony Stark's arsenal.

This is admittedly not the best look at the new 'Iron Man 3' poster (it showed up at a theater in the UK and a fan took a shot and posted to Tumblr) but it's too cool to not share.

In this 'Iron Man 3' poster we see Tony Stark in a helmet-less version of the Iron Man armor with his Malibu mansion sinking into the Pacific Ocean (the scene you see at the end of the trailer). But here's the coolest part: behind Iron Man, many of the Iron Man armors in Tony Stark's armory are rocketing up towards the sky, controlled by Stark's mind (via the Extremis technology at the center of 'Iron Man 3').

It's hard to see exactly in this lo-res version of the poster but it looks like some of the armors could be some of the new armors rumored to be included in 'Iron Man 3' (read our guide to all the new Iron Man armors here).

UPDATE: Marvel Studios released the hi-res version of this 'Iron Man 3' poster via it's UK Facebook page. Check it out in full below, and click to download the larger image.

Iron Man 3 Poster
Marvel Studios

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