It’s not too early to start looking ahead to Captain America: Civil War, right? I mean Avengers: Age of Ultron has already been out for five days; that’s soooooo last week. With Marvel it’s always about what comes next. And what comes next (okay after Ant-Man, which is a little disconnected from the main Marvel Cinematic Universe storyline) is Captain America: Civil War, where Chris Evans’ Captain America and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man will apparently tussle over ... something. Maybe they argue over whether the Hulk and Black Widow should have hooked up in Avengers 2. I don’t know.

There’s already been some Civil War concept art leaked online, and here’s another glimpse of the movie, which opens in theaters in less than a year. It’s supposedly Iron Man’s fancy new armor (Mark XLVI? Mark XLVII? Mark CCVII? I’m losing track.) for his big battle with Cap. Take a look:

Ironically, the armor this suit most resembles from the comics is the one Tony Stark wore during the so-called “Heroic Age” of Marvel; a batch of stories that took place after a lengthy series of crossovers that kicked off with the comic-book version of Civil War (where Iron Man led a movement to register all superheroes with the government that was opposed by a second group of Avengers led by Captain America). In the comics, this suit was known as the “Bleeding Edge” armor, which was supposedly built out of nanobots and housed not in a workshop or a briefcase, but inside Tony Stark’s own body. Like, somehow it was hidden inside his bones or something and then it would pour out and cover his body when he needed it, because comics.

Something tells me the movie version will be a little more of your typical Iron Man suit, but who knows? Maybe Downey will be covered in goopy armor just yet. Captain America: Civil War opens in theaters on May 6, 2016.

Check out a gallery of all of Iron Man’s movie armors to date: