ScreenCrush’s Comic Strip is a weekly roundup of the hottest superhero movie/TV news items. From Marvel to DC and points in between, if it pertains to costumed comic book heroes, we’re covering it here, bringing you our expert analysis. This week, concept art for 2016’s two biggest superhero movies is revealed, the hunt for Spider-Man narrows, and Charlie Cox wants more Daredevil.

Concept Art For Two Upcoming “Versus” Movies

Just when you thought the changes to Wonder Woman’s costume in Batman vs. Superman couldn’t outrage for nitpicky fans, a new piece of concept art arrives to give everyone something new to argue about. According to the image below, Gal Gadot’s Amazonian warrior will wear – GASP! — a cape! At some point!

Although some of the online reaction to image can best be summed up as “This is the worst thing ever and my life is ruined because of this piece of development art that I was never supposed to see!”, we have no problem with Amazonian royalty wearing a cape as she journeys to and fro. It’s not like she’s going to wear that thing into combat. She’s not Batman or Superman. She’s smart enough to know that capes get stuck on things.

Speaking of concept art for superhero movies that center around two heroes pummeling the crap out of each other, here’s some leaked art from Captain America: Civil War.

Like lots of Marvel concept art that has surfaced over the years, this may not necessarily depict a specific moment from the film, but it exists to give everyone on the crew an idea of what the movie will feel like. And as you can see, it’s going to feel equally cool (Yaay! Iron Man and Captain America are fighting!) and depressing (Oh no! Iron Man and Captain America are fighting!).

The Hunt For the New Spider-Man Narrows

The moment Sony agreed to start playing nice with Marvel Studios and allow Spider-Man to integrate into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, people started fan-casting the new webslinger. Despite the shockingly vocal contingent demanding that Dylan O’Brien take the part, Marvel and Sony have reportedly narrowed their search down to two names. Although both of them were on that original list that surfaced a few weeks ago and they’re both young white men, they feel just different enough to make this into an interesting showdown.

According to Devin Faraci of Birth Movies Death (formerly Badass Digest), Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland are the final two.

Granted, Marvel and Sonly could pull a fast one and cast a third party and this could all be a big distraction intended to throw people off the proper scent, but this does align with the other rumors that Butterfield has been at the top of everyone’s list since the start. Maybe Holland impressed the right people in the audition process, making Butterfield’s casting no longer a sure thing.

Let’s assume for a moment that these two are the definitive final two. Which of them would make for the better Peter Parker?

Of the two, Butterfield certainly has more experience. We’re talking about a young kid who was directed by Martin Scorsese in Hugo and carried the weight of a blockbuster on his shoulders in the (actually pretty good) Ender’s Game. And while he’s a handsome young man, he’s undeniably a little dorky looking, which is would be a nice, traditional change of pace after two cinematic Peter Parkers who looked like movie stars. Imagine the tiny, slim and very, very young Butterfield standing alongside The Avengers. That would be a lot of fun.

Holland has fewer credits to his name, so he’s a little harder to pin down. He’s more traditionally handsome (he has the jawline of a future Batman), but it’s easy to imagine him getting properly nerded up with the proper acting and costume choices. Unlike Butterfield, he hasn’t been the star of several very successful and large movies, but his work in the drama The Impossible was certainly impressive. He will break out eventually, but will it be Spider-Man that does it?

Right now, Butterfield seems to have he edge simply because of his experience acting in large movies where his performance is central to the story’s success. He’s the real deal. However, we’ve yet to see him play a role that’s required him to be funny or snarky and as every Spider-Man purist will tell you, a Spider-Man who doesn’t wisecrack is no Spider-Man at all. For all we know, this choice will come down to whichever actor is better at landing hilariously bad puns behind a mask.

Everything Else

Yes, Charlie Cox would like to see Daredevil pop up in a Marvel movie, thank you very much.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn revealed that he almost wrote a Silver Surfer movie 16 years ago:

Hey my quote is on the cover of this month's Silver Surfer so pick it up. Little known fact: When I first moved to LA in 1999, one of the first people I met on a meeting was an exec at Fox. He told me they wanted to make a Silver Surfer movie, and I might be right for that, so I wrote an extensive treatment. It was a huge story, cosmic as hell, and featured the Silver Surfer turning on Galactus (but no Fantastic Four - this was before the first FF film). At the same time, I was approached by director Jay Roach and his producer Shauna Robertson about writing a live-action Spy Vs. Spy film. That film seemed more likely to get made, and I loved Jay and Shauna, so I took that gig instead. It was my first studio film job. Of course, in eventuality, neither movie ever got made. But people liked the Spy Vs. Spy script, so I got a lot of work because of it. That said, I sometimes wonder what it would have been like had I truly jumped into the cosmic Marvel pool 16 years ago. Instead, I shall satisfy myself reading the great work of Dan Slott and Mike Allred every month!

Marvel honcho Kevin Fiege is already hard at work cleaning up some MCU continuity errors caused by an easter egg in the original Thor.

In a move that would have delighted comic book nerds and baffled mainstream audiences, the Hulk was originally supposed to turn grey during his mind-controlled battle with Iron Man in Avengers: Age of Ultron.