Something big is going to happen in Avengers: Untitled Fourth Avengers Movie. We don’t know what. When I spoke with Kevin Feige last month, he described Avengers 4 (which he actually refers to as “Untitled Avengers”) as “the conclusion of a 22-movie saga” that began with Iron Man and ran through the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe up until now.

But that can’t be the end; comic-book heroes fight a never-ending battle for truth and justice. So what happens next? One persistent rumor is the possibility that the MCU might get some kind of reboot, wiping away or revising continuity to replace certain actors who are reaching the end of their Marvel contracts and don’t want to appear as their characters anymore. But Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn took to Twitter to directly refute that notion. Asked about the possibility of a “reboot of MCU after Infinity War part 2” Gunn replied:

Now the “at least” part gives Gunn enough wiggle room that the reboot could actually happen, in some way or in some smaller scale. (“Captain America! Why do I have the strange feeling you look different all of a sudden?”) But Gunn is usually an extremely straight-shooter on Twitter. Despite fans’ skepticism, if he says something is true or not true on social media, then it is. He said Peter Quill’s dad wasn’t J’son, and he was right. So whatever happens after Untitled Avengers, it won’t be a back-to-square-one situation.

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