If last week's episode, "Maureen Ponderosa's Wedding Massacre," was just okay, and hampered by being the show's seasonal Halloween entry, we're hoping ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ brings it tonight with "Charlie and Dee Find Love."

The episode opens on a Friday at 11:30 AM, with Charlie and Dee in a car spying on a girl delivering Indian food. It turns out the bike belongs to Charlie's ex, and she tells him to leave her alone. He says he will and gets back in the car with Dee. Though Charlie says he's done, Dee wants to follow his ex, but when she pulls out she gets into a car accident with a handsome man named Trevor and his attractive sister Ruby.

Back at the bar Charlie and Dee say they got invited to dinner with the two, and they reveal that Trevor and Ruby are Tafts, who are some their town's richest people. Mac says they're royalty, and everyone at the bar tells them to keep their lower class behavior to themselves. On the dinner date, Charlie and Dee are easily outclassed, and when they find out that the Taft's came over on the Mayflower the two suggest that the Native Americans deserved to die. The dinner date gets awkward when they reveal their trues selves, but that works for them as Trevor and Ruby want them to be normal. Mac, Dennis and Frank are watching from a distance, suggesting this is a 'Dangerous Liaisons' type situation, where the rich people are playing with Dee and Charlie.

At Trevor and Ruby's house, the gang show up. Charlie and Dee want to go in alone, but all are invited. On the tennis court Dennis is humiliated playing tennis and unsuccessfully tries to hit on Ruby. Dee drinks heavily while lip synching to "Bad Company" in front of Trevor while Mac watches from outside a window. When Dee makes an obvious pass, Mac runs in and does kung fu, which distracts Trevor. After a call from Charlie's ex, Dennis realizes that Charlie's insane behavior keeps things normal and that Frank needs to do all of Charlie's creepy things. Frank does everything wrong - of course - and breaks into the ex's apartment to put rat poison into the ex's shampoo. When caught, Frank lies and runs out.

Charlie and Ruby go for a walk, but after walking past his ex's apartment, the ex shows that she's losing her hair. To show that he's gotten over her, Charlie kisses Ruby. Mac and Dee wrestle for Trevor (a give each other a lot of crotch shots), and Trevor invites both to a party. The party happens and Trevor didn't tell Mac and Dee that it was black tie, and it turns out that they're there to be humiliated.  Dennis reveals he has a plan, and when the Taft family goes public with their company, Dennis interrupts showing footage of Trevor revealing their plan to go public with the stock to Mac before the announcement. And then Dennis plays his trump card play by getting Charlie's ex to say she needs him (after getting hit by Frank's car). Charlie then reveals that he was using Ruby to make his ex jealous. At the hospital, his ex talks about reducing her restraining order from 100 feet to 50ft. Which Charlie sees as a win.

Meh. This episode of 'Sunny' was well put together, as are most episodes, but the payoffs weren't all that funny. The ideas of this episode were better than the realities. We'll be back next week with the episode "The Gang Gets Analyzed," but what did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.