"The Gang Recycles Their Trash," last week's episode of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,' was hilarious, and we're hoping they keep momentum up with tonight's episode "Maureen Ponderosa's Wedding Massacre." If nothing else, it's a great title.

The episode starts at 10:00PM on Friday the 13th  somewhere outside of Philly with the Dennis, Charlie, Frank and Mac screaming and trying to find each other. They're caught by the police, and are told they have some explaining to do. Yup, this is a Halloween episode.

At the police station they're  told there's fifteen people injured, a groom missing half his face, and an absent bride. The boys say they're innocent, though the interrogator notes they weren't invited to the wedding. It turns out the bride is Dennis's ex-wife, and he says that he wanted the wedding to happen. We then flashback to the Charlie, Dennis and Frank going to the wedding in the middle of a forest, and that Dennis wants the marriage to happen so he can stop paying alimony. Charlie suggests everything is creepy, and it turns out that Liam (Jimmi Simpson) is the groom, who acts like he's on drugs and maybe doesn't want to get married. Dennis tells the cop that someone wanted to ruin the wedding, and points to Frank. It then flashbacks to Frank and Dee showing up at the wedding, which Dennis intuits is so they can make a scene. Frank then admits that they were there to break up the wedding, and Frank then says they previous had a visitor at the bar who wanted them to break up the wedding. It's Liam's brother Ryan who says that his family hasn't bred outside the bloodline for a thousand years. It turns out that Frank and Dee are there to sneak Ryan into the wedding. Frank is then confronted by someone he sponsors in AA, and Frank tells him he should drink or do drugs. The wedding is filled with weird people, and Dennis leaves to talk to Maureen who he wants to sign the final papers, but he's distracted when Maureen reveals that she got a boob job, which is just enough time to keep him from getting the signature he needs.

Back at the party, Charlie notes that everyone looks like extras in horror movies. Back at the police station Charlie says they were zombies and does a Quint impression. Back at the wedding ceremony things are definitely weird. Frank and Dee bring Liam and Ryan together, but Liam doesn't recognize Ryan with his fake mustache. Dee says she wants to take off, and Charlie and Mac say that the next time they saw her she attacked them. Dennis goes to break up Liam and Ryan talking, but he doesn't need to - both have agreed the wedding is a good idea. Oh yeah, all the people at the wedding are acting like zombies, or maybe just inbred people.

Dennis says he messed up bad back at the wedding, but at the station, they have no idea what happened. Finally, someone is there to explain, and it's Dee. It turns out that the guy Frank sponsored spiked the milk  with bath salts. It also turns out that the reason why Dee freaked out is because Charlie and Mac wrecked her car. But what's up with the missing bride? Big surprise: Dennis had sex with her, which is the real horror for Dennis. And then they're free to go because Maureen posted their bail.

And solid episode from 'Sunny.' If this episode - and it may be the weakness of the show - wasn't that funny, it's plotted tight as a drum, and watching the pieces come into place is one of the show's greatest assets. Even when things aren't laugh out loud, it's well directed, clever and sharp. This was a solid episode, but what say you? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.