As the holidays approach, it's easy to get caught up in Black Friday deals, turkeys and Christmas lights. But, with Thanksgiving approaching, 'Thor: The Dark World' star Jaimie Alexander surprised some kids at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles who won't get to spend the holidays at home. Better yet? She showed up in character as Lady Sif. Awesome.

We're of the opinion that there is not enough Sif in the 'Thor' films, but that's perhaps for our own selfish reasons. We think she's a great character and love the work Alexander does with the character. Frankly, it's enough to wonder why Thor is wasting his time with Jane Foster. Is this really a love triangle?

For these 'Thor' fans, they got a little extra Sif in their lives as Alexander showed up in full Asgardian regalia, brought some gifts, took pics and signed autographs for the patients. It's pretty awesome to see our fictional superheroes turning into real life superheroes to help out kids struggling with disease.

Want to know how you too can help these kids? Head to the Children's Hospital web site and participate in the Conan O'Brien hosted Crowdrise Celebrity Holiday Challenge and you can even win a car. Below, check out more photos of Sif in action at the hospital.