With great power, comes great responsibility — that’s Spider-Man’s motto. And it’s something Spider-Man fans, and some Spider-Man actors, take very seriously.

Case in point: Jake Johnson, the voice of the middle-aged Peter B. Parker in the wonderful animated movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, has made a wonderful offer for families with kids stuck at home due to coronavirus. On his Instagram, Johnson posted that “since the quarantine a lot of parents have DM’d” telling him they’ve been watching a lot of Spider-Verse with their kids.

“So, here’s my idea,” he wrote. “If your child is home from school and wants a quick encouraging message from Peter B. [Parker], then send me an email with their name I’ll try and send over a short voice note.” The email address is peterbparkersayshi@gmail.com.

He apologized in advance for not getting to everyone — and since his post has already been liked 77,000 times on Instagram, even if only ten percent of those people request a voicemail, that’s 7,700 voicemails. The chances he actually gets to that many people seems quite unlikely. A tenth of that is maybe realistic if he spends a ton of time doing it. Still, the offer is lovely, and every single message is an act worthy of Spider-Man.

Here’s Johnson’s Instagram message. If you want to email him, sooner is better than later I imagine.

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