It was already weird that we're getting a sci-fi/action version of the Frankenstein story in the form of 'I, Frankenstein,' but the concept of another take on the iconic tale starring Daniel Radcliffe as Igor was even stranger. Now, this latter version has gotten a little more bonkers with the addition of the great James McAvoy as none other than Victor Frankenstein himself.

The news of the casting comes via Deadline, who say that McAvoy won the role over competition that included Jack Huston and Toby Kebbell.

Unlike 'I, Frankenstein,' the currently untitled Radcliffe/McAvoy film will be a more traditional horror movie, following the father-of-all-mad-scientists as he assembles a creature out of spare parts and brings it to life (with violent and tragic consequences, of course). Although the exact details of the project are currently under wraps, screenwriter Max Landis has said that this version of the Frankenstein tale will be less of an adaptation of Mary Shelley's original novel and more of an encapsulation of the public's consciousness of the story.

In other words, it'll be big on pop culture iconography and light on references to 'Paradise Lost.' And, somehow and for some reason, Harry Potter will play a hunchbacked assistant to Professor Charles Xavier's batty scientist.

For whatever reason, famous (public domain) monsters are really hot right now. In addition to these dueling Frankenstein projects, several Dracula productions are set arrive in the next few years on both the big and small screens. How long until someone gets financially smart by creatively awful and proposes a 'Dracula vs. Frankenstein' movie?

The untitled Frankenstein film will open on October 17, 2014.