The problems surrounding the production of 'Jane Got a Gun' are officially legion: just days after losing its director on the first day of shooting, Jude Law has departed the project, leaving one of the film's three leading roles empty. We expect to soon hear about a swarm of locusts descending upon the set.

First, Michael Fassbender abruptly left the film a few weeks ago, only to be replaced by Joel Edgerton. Then, director Lynne Ramsay quit on the first day of shooting, forcing the producers to hold the production together while they scrambled to find someone to take her place. This morning, they announced that person would be 'Warrior' director Gavin O'Connor. But their ducks are far from being in a row: Deadline reports that Law has left the film, which he only joined because he wanted to work with Ramsay. Ouch. Like, really: ouch.

SInce star Natalie Portman is also a producer on the film and Edgerton previously worked with O'Connor on 'Warrior,' we expect that both of them will stick around...but how much longer can this production sustain itself? Outside of its missing lead, the film is literally ready to roll. Crew members are sitting around, doing nothing and getting paid. The remaining actors are rehearsing. Maybe the production can shoot around the missing cast member for a little while, but for how long?

We were really excited at the prospect of a Lynne Ramsay-directed Western starring Natalie Portman and Joel Edgerton...and we're still pretty pumped for a Gavin O'Connor-directed Western starring the same. This production is already on its way to being epically and infamously troubled, but we hope everything pulls together -- the film simply sounds too promising.