While critics and fans alike roundly rejected the Star Wars trilogy of prequels, they agreed that at least one aspect of it was worthwhile: breakout crowd-pleaser Jar Jar Binks. The universally beloved Gungan earned a wide fanbase with his charming dialect made up of screeching and some sort of alien ebonics, and his constant cartoonish bumbling was a welcome reprieve from the series’ usual heroism and valor. Fans cried foul when Phantom Menace’s major supporting character was downgraded to tertiary status in Attack of the Clones and barely present for Revenge of the Sith, but today brings the welcome news that our sweet Jar Jar will get some much-deserved closure in an upcoming Star Wars novelization.

The folks at Mashable have noted that the novel Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End will reveal the ultimate fate of the hapless Gungan when it hits shelves on Tuesday, and it’s surprisingly bleak. My fellow Binks-heads will recall our hero’s brief stint as an interim Galactic Senator, during which he proposed the motion granting Chancellor Palpatine emergency martial powers and indirectly precipitated the formation of the evil Empire. In the years since that goof, Jar Jar has been shunned and exiled to his home planet of Naboo, where he scrapes together a meager living as a clown performing for children and contemptuous adults that haven‘t forgotten his past. The Mashable item states that a refugee child named Mapo finds a pitiful jester goofing around in a fountain for the public’s amusement, who then introduces himself with “Meesa Jar Jar.” Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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