Some days are perfectly normal and everything goes as expected. Other days bring you the news that Jean-Claude Van Damme taking to his Facebook page to announce he really wants to star in 'The Avengers 2.' Because, you know, that makes perfect sense.

Van Damme revealed his intentions via his personal Facebook, where he comes off like your slightly drunk, perpetually embarrassing uncle, complete with typos and namedropping:

“It was my pleasure to meet Mr. Stan Lee (creator of "X-Men", "The Incredible Hulk" and "Spider-Man") back in 1994, along with Mr. Samuel & Mr. Victor Hadida!

I read that Chris Hemsworth (star of "Thor" and brother of Liam Hemsworth, "The Expendables 2") would like me to costar in "The Avengers 2" movie! Well, it would be fun to play one of these types of amazing comic book characters again.

By the way, I am a big fan of Marvel's superhero Silver Surfer and also another heroic fictional character known as Doc Savage - the Man of Bronze!”

Wait. What?

UPDATE: Thanks to Van Damme (yeah, the Van Damme) for pointing us in the right direction on Facebook, we see that Chris Hemsworth previously told USA Today that he'd like to see the action star give a "big kick to the alien head," but as whom?

We're currently picturing a hopeful and enthusiastic Jean-Claude Van Damme showing up at the Marvel Studios offices to offer his services as the Silver Surfer, only to be told that Fox owns the rights to that character. Of course, he'd then offer to play Doc Savage for them, only to be reminded that he's not a Marvel character.

Okay, now we feel bad. Someone please find Mr. Van Damme a role in 'The Avengers 2.' It sounds like he really wants it. And if Jean-Claude were going to star in 'The Avengers 2' who would you want him to play?