Whatever your take on Aaron Sorkin’s three-and-done HBO Newsroom, one can only imagine what the fictional ACN’s take on the current election cycle would have been. Imagine no further, as Jeff Daniels brings the Will McAvoy rant out of retirement for a meta-look at the clash between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Minus a bit of that Aaron Sorkin specificity, Daniels gamely reprised his Emmy-winning role (or at least McAvoy’s abrasive onscreen presence) for an appearance on MSNBC’s With All Due Respect, asked to comment on Trump’s impact on Clinton’s campaign. The scene plays more like a parody of the HBO drama’s famed opening diatribe, but gets in some good points nonetheless.

The series first aired in 2012, filling out a rocky second season in 2013, before closing out with an abbreviated final run in 2014. For his part, Will McAvoy remains active on Twitter, taking on the Trump campaign with a bit more fervor than Daniels.

You can check out the appearance above, and shudder in fear at the grandstanding Will McAvoy might have done on the series itself.