There was little chance of Netflix giving Jeffrey Tambor the Kevin Spacey treatment. Months after the Arrested Development star was fired from Transparent for sexual harassment, Netflix finally confirms Tambor will be back among the Bluths in Season 5.

Netflix has not yet set an official premiere date for Arrested Development Season 5, but the streaming service now confirms Tambor’s George (and presumably Oscar) Bluth will indeed be prevalent in the new episodes. This isn’t entirely surprising – star David Cross previously acknowledged “there are a number of us [among the cast] who stand behind him,” while co-star Alia Shawkat more recently stated “it’s being handled how it’s being handled.” Today marks the release of a remixed fourth season, while creator Mitch Hurwitz promised official Season 5 announcements were coming “real soon.”

Tambor was accused of sexual harassment by former assistant Van Barnes, and subsequently by Transparent co-star Trace Lysette. The actor doubted his return to the Amazon series, citing a “politicized atmosphere” on-set, but later walked back comments about leaving. Once Amazon made the firing official, Tambor blasted the streaming service for its “unfair” decision.

It’s worth noting Arrested Development Season 5 wrapped in November as allegations first surfaced. Netflix was much more willing to get ahead of House of Cards Season 6 – shutting down production and retooling the final season around Robin Wright’s Claire – but is the Netflix comedy forever tainted by Tambor?

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