Jessica Jones has been understandably quiet since Marvel confirmed news of a second Netflix season, with production unlikely to begin before team-up mini-series The Defenders. Marvel too hasn’t exactly proven forthcoming, but a new executive producer joining Jessica Jones’ ranks for Season 2 could well get the ball rolling.

Deadline reports that The Returned, True Blood and Supernatural alum Raelle Tucker has joined Jessica Jones for Season 2, writing to fill the void left by former executive producer Liz Friedman. Melissa Rosenberg will remain aboard as executive producer and showrunner, working with Tucker.

Says Rosenberg:

We’ve had such an incredible response to our first season, on which I’ve been so fortunate to have an extraordinary team all the way down the line from the fellow writers, executive producers, cast and crew. I’m thrilled to have someone as talented as Raelle join our team as writer and executive producer as we delve into Jessica’s continued story.

The question naturally turns to Marvel’s Netflix timetable, last said not to exceed two series a year. We know Luke Cage will debut on September 30, while Iron Fist gears up production for a likely 2017 premiere. No precise word yet on when The Defenders might begin production (there’s also no confirmation of a third season for Daredevil), but if Jessica Jones is adding staff, it stands to reason that writers and producers will soon begin breaking a Season 2 story, regardless of its position around The Defenders.

More formal announcements of Marvel’s Netflix lineup are likely due in the coming weeks, but where might Jessica Jones take us in Season 2?

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