Ryan Murphy's horror anthology, 'American Horror Story' is racking up one heck of a cast for the show's second season. Too bad most of them will probably die before it's over. Joseph Fiennes, who's last TV outing was ABC's 'Flash Forward,' is in talks to join 'American Horror Story' next season.

Fiennes is mulling over the role of the head of an institution for the criminally insane, where the second season takes place. According to EW, Fiennes' character would engage in a "May/December romance" with Jessica Lange's character, who also works at the institution. Fiennes' character is described as "tortured." Being that this is a horror series, one could take that figuratively or literally.

Should Fiennes sign on, he'll join an eclectic and talented cast, which includes season one stars, Lange and Zachary Quinto along with newcomers indie darling, Chloe Sevigny, Academy Award nominee, James Cromwell and Maroon 5 lead singer and 'The Voice' star, Adam Levine.

With the cast filled out, the only question left is who will survive for the third season?