Jurassic World promised a return, for better or worse, to Steven Spielberg and Michael Crichton’s original island full of genetically engineered living fossils, and the film had one of the biggest openings in box office history. Audiences returned to the park in droves, and the film gifted us with a few unexpected returns of its own. Our beloved Tyrannosaurus rex was featured in arguably the coolest shot of the entire movie when Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire Dearing lures it out of its paddock with a lit flare, and B.D. Wong reprised his role as Dr. Henry Wu, the biologist who engineered the dinosaurs for Hammond in the original Jurassic Park. He left the park at the end of Jurassic World as the dinosaurs ran rampant, but the movie’s executive producer says that might not be the last we see of him.

Jurassic World featured a decidedly more fiendish Dr. Wu than we’d seen before: he’d been engineering hybrid dinosaurs, grafting the DNA of velociraptors to other carnivores to eventually create a new species of weaponized creature for the army. You’d think, since he was there when the original Jurassic Park failed, that he’d figure out that making dinosaurs MORE dangerous would be a bad idea. Dr. Wu escaped the island at the end of Jurassic World with a few of his precious hybrid embryos, and executive producer Frank Marshall says there’s a good chance he’ll be back again for the sequel. Marshall told CinemaBlend:

When they take off in helicopters, you know they're probably going to come back.

It’s the age-old adage: if you don’t see someone eaten by a dinosaur, they’re still alive and waiting to wreak havoc with their hybrid Indomitus Rex babies. Earlier there was some news floating around that the Jurassic World sequel would have something to do with animal rights and would metaphorically deal with the modern treatment of animals using dinosaurs. In Jurassic Park, InGen patented and owned the dinosaurs it grew, but can a corporation own a living thing? What better way to introduce this concept than with a morally-gray scientist in possession of hybrid embryos of an extinct species, ready to sell them to the highest bidder?

Jurassic World 2, still without an official title, will hit theaters June 22, 2018.

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