A few months ago, the first featurette for the upcoming DC animated movie Justice League Dark hit the internet. And while the film has yet to receive a release date for home video  —  or its inevitable “one night only” theatrical showing as part of a Fathom Events promotion  —  it appears that the first official group shot of the Justice League Dark superheroes has finally found its away online for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of iO9.

As fans of the short-lived Constantine television series already know, the Justice League Dark animated movie is bringing back actor Matt Ryan to voice the animated version of John Constantine. Also included in this photo are Deadman, the ghost of a dead trapeze artist who has been given the power to possess any living creature; Zatanna, a stage magician; and, um, Batman. Who isn’t a member of the team in the comics but just can’t seem to avoid sticking his nose in other people’s business.

An animated Justice League Dark movie will undoubtedly also help Warner Bros. gauge interest in their upcoming live-action adaptation Dark Universe. While reports emerged last month that Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman would be taking on that movie  —  and that it would play a “major role” in the DC extended universe  —  the studio is facing a tremendous amount of pressure to lighten up its film properties. Just a few days ago, the CEO of Time Warner admitted that they are thinking about moving away from some of the darkness of their current slate of superhero films, so that might leave a more mature property like Dark Universe on the chopping block if the studio decides to pivot slightly.

If Justice League Dark is a compete flop with fans and critics alike, that could be all the motivation Warner Bros. needs to rework  —  or cut entirely  —  their Dark Universe film. No pressure, though.

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