Justice League is, at last, available digitally across the net. And as such, some of the film’s highlights are now available to watch online, like the mid-credits scene, which features a miraculously back-from-the-dead Superman participating in a contest with the fastest man in the world.

Superman can fly so fast he can break through the sound barrier. The Flash can run so fast everything else around him slows w a y  d o w n. Wouldn’t you be curious to know which one is the fastest? They sure are. In the clip, Barry Allen challenges the Man of Steel to a race, after which, if he loses he’ll have to take the rest of the League to brunch. Wouldn’t that be something to see?

The most intriguing part of this clip is watching Henry Cavill’s phantom mustache give his face a very uncanny valley feel every time he moves his mouth. Cavill grew the ’stache for the new Mission: Impossible movie and wasn’t allowed to shave it while he filmed some last-minute pickups that turned into extensive reshoots on Justice League — so his facial hair had to be edited out in post, and they never get it quite right. The whole look gives new meaning to the phrase “stiff upper lip.”

Justice League‘s post-credits scene, featuring Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke is also now available for your viewing pleasure:

Justice League is now available digitally.

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