Justified’ season 5 takes aim with its third installment of the year in “Good Intentions,” as Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) deals with a mysterious attempted intrusion at his FBI-seized mansion, while Boyd (Walton Goggins) works to uncover who stole his shipment, fending off an assassination attempt as well..

Last week’s ‘Justified’ episode “The Kids Aren't All Right” saw Raylan negotiating with Memphis mobsters to protect young Loretta, while Boyd found Lee Paxton’s wife Mara (Karolina Wydra) to have an agenda of her own, so what will the third episode of ‘Justified’ season 5 bring? Has a new big bad arrived to make life in Harlan worse than ever?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Justified’ season 5, episode 3, “Good Intentions!”

While Boyd and Wynn Duffy wonder who between the two of them might have ripped off the shipment, elsewhere Raylan and Allison (Amy Smart) continue their romp around the Monroe mansion, at least until someone repeatedly sets off the car alarm outside. Raylan ventures out to find a man with a baseball bat deliberately setting it off, presumably a threat from Monroe himself, before Raylan warns him off the property. By the time Raylan returns upstairs however, Allison has to depart.

The next morning Raylan finds Monroe having posted bail, and continues under the presumption that Monroe sent the man to threaten him out of the house, despite Monroe’s denial. Meanwhile in the hospital, a conscious Lee Paxton admonishes Sheriff Mooney for threatening Mara, and orders him to finally put down Boyd Crowder for good. Boyd himself has his dealer Cyrus brought in for questioning, for which Wynn Duffy shoots the dealer with his own BB gun until Cyrus admits that the told his hooker Candy about the shipment.

Art chides Raylan about his encounter at the house by assigning Rachel to stay there with him, while elsewhere Dewey Crowe finds Daryl (Michael Rapaport) making himself at home in the morning. Daryl admits that he knows Dewey doesn’t want him around, but figures he needs help managing the fortune, as Boyd clearly overcharged Dewey for the establishment. Daryl offers that he’ll leave in exchange for $50K that Dewey should demand back from Boyd. A while later, Allison shows up to find Rachel and Raylan at the Monroe house, and recognizes the description of the previous night’s thug by the tattoo on his neck.

Boyd visits Ava in prison to find what she knows about the hooker that Cyrus told about their shipment, though Ava bristles that Boyd hasn’t made enough progress in freeing her, particularly when Boyd suggests that she herself caused the mess with Delroy, independent of his involvement. Elsewhere, Raylan tracks down the thug Henry and threatens him with his own baseball bat, even as the man claims that Allison planted meth in his home to get his child into custody of Social Services. Later that night, Monroe cozies up to his maid/girlfriend Gloria, believing that the thug Raylan mentioned likely came to the house to steal their hidden stash of gold. Believing her involved, Monroe chokes Gloria nearly to death, before they realize that safe-installer Wynn Duffy might be to blame.

Rachel points out to Raylan that Allison may well have planted meth on the man, as well she could be in on the attempt to steal something from the house, before Gloria rings the doorbell and insists on taking care of Monroe’s expensive koi. Believing herself alone, Gloria opens the safe to find the gold intact, though Raylan and Rachel catch her in the act, demanding she tell Monroe it was stolen. Elsewhere, Dewey Crowe surprises Boyd and demands his money back, though Boyd predictably refuses, and instead convinces Dewey to plant his foot down to drive his unwanted cousin out of Audrey's.

Sheriff Mooney gets a call from Mara that Boyd has been driving by her house, though when Mooney enters the property, she and Boyd get the drop on him, threatening Mooney into working for their side, and demanding he tell Paxton that Boyd has been killed. Across town, Raylan meets with Wynn Duffy to let him know they gave Monroe the impression Duffy had stolen his gold, though before they can finish the conversation, Duffy’s guard has already shot down a vengeful Monroe outside the trailer.

Boyd and Mara share drinks at his bar, as Boyd relays that he can’t quite kill Paxton outright, given what he needs for Ava's freedom. Mara asks Boyd to remove his shirt and show her his tattoos, as she sensually observes them, placing his hand between her legs, and suggesting they ink one of Boyd’s tattoos on a dead man’s hand as proof of his demise to Paxton. Elsewhere, Allison seductively suggests to Raylan that he might never know if she was in on Monroe’s plan to steal the gold, as Raylan has a tendency for corrupt women.

Dewey returns to Audrey’s adamant that cousin Daryl pack up and leave, before Daryl and his associates show him a beaten-down Wade Messer, who admits to skimming off the top on Boyd’s orders. Daryl urges Dewey to kill the man for the slight, while across town Boyd has the bound hooker Candy brought to him. Candy admits that she doesn’t know where “he” is, as the man who ripped off Boyd’s shipment only conversed with her by phone. Boyd redials the number, expectantly greeting his cousin Johnny Crowder on the other end.


The news of ‘Justified’’s imminent sixth season end shouldn’t necessarily change anything about the series itself, considering we still have some 20 plus hours before Raylan finally holsters for good, but it’s hard not to feel a certain sense of permanence creeping in behind the scenes. No more can we jokingly wave off Art or Rachel’s inferences into Raylan’s lax style of law-making, as even the most light-hearted and banter-filled of criminal capers could have larger ramifications in the remaining seasons to come.

Our otherwise eye-candy newcomer Allison has it right, Raylan Givens may no longer have his sharp nose for immorality, or as Rachel puts it, he may no longer care. Couple Raylan’s laissez-faire attitude and lavish lifestyle with Boyd’s increasing struggle just to get by, and we may have a dog-eat-dog grudge match when the two leading characters finally cross paths again this season. And where last week took aim at Raylan’s paternal issues by bringing back Loretta, “Good Intentions” once again gives Boyd the stronger, more desperation-laden story of the hour, not only souring his relationship with Ava even further on multiple fronts, but by bringing Johnny Crowder back into the picture.

Elsewhere, the Crowe clan seems somewhat relegated to the sidelines again, even as Daryl and Boyd manage to play Dewey like a fiddle at every turn, pinging him back and forth to complain about either insult to his intelligence and good name. We haven’t been given much of a sense of what Daryl and the others actually plan to do in Harlan beyond mooching off of Dewey, but that same creeping sense of permanence makes us think Dewey may just explode this season, in more ways than one.

So while “Good Intentions” isn’t the most eventful, or direction-filled hour of the early season, we at least have a heading for more dramatic hours to come. In the meantime, all of the Art. Just give give us all the Art putdowns our tin-ears can take. Nick Searcy has been relegated to an office for far too long. And hey, where’s Tim this week?

Well, what say you? Did you feel that ‘Justified’ hit the mark with its fifth season’s third installment? Could Raylan's grasp on right and wrong be slipping, after his prior involvement with the Detroit mafia? Give us your reactions in the comments, and join us next Tuesday for another all-new ‘Justified’ recap of season 5, episode 4, “Over the Mountain” on FX!