Just yesterday we heard the awesome news that 'Justified's' Boyd Crowder would find himself with a new friend next season in the form of 'ER' vet Ron Eldard, atop the news that Raylan Givens (Timpthy Olyphant) would have a friend of his own with comedian Patton Oswalt. But with the new faces approaching for the early 2013 season, is anyone going to get left behind? Winona (Natalie Zea) pulled away quite a bit last year, so might we have seen the last of her?

Early 2013 will see the dawning of a new day for FX's acclaimed gunslinger drama 'Justified,' but will everyone be around for the new season? In particular, Natalie Zea's Winona pulled away from her longtime-lover Raylan quite a bit over the course of the third season, even moving away while pregnant with his child. With Zea cast as a regular in FOX's upcoming drama 'The Following," will she be able to return to 'Justified' at all?

Don't fret! According to TVLine, Zea will indeed be present for the fourth season of 'Justified,' though the actress is ony contracted for three of the 13 episodes for the moment. Presumably, at least one of them would involve the birth of their child, right? Right?

In addition to a returning David Meunier (Johnny Crowder), ‘Justified’ season 4 also boasts Ron Eldard as a corrupt military sergeant with ties to Boyd, and Patton Oswalt as a nostalgic high school classmate of Raylan’s and local constable Bob Sweeney. Yet to be cast are the roles of a fugitive family man who teams up with a pair of drug addicts, and a charismatic young preacher who starts cutting into Boyd’s profits.

What do you think? Is Natalie Zea not long for the world of 'Justified'?