It's good news-bad news from the FX panel at the ongoing Television Critics Association press tour, as the cable network has revealed some tantalizing new comedies from the likes of Zach Galifianakis and Charlie Kaufman, but confirmed the fates of its current lineup. Timothy Olyphant gunslinger drama 'Justified' has been confirmed to end after its next season, while 'American Horror Story's next cycle will likely take us back in time once more.

The decision for 'Justified' to end after season 6 (its fifth airs a new episode later tonight) shouldn't prove altogether surprising, as showrunner Graham Yost has made frequent mention of his desire for the critical favorite not to overstay its welcome. FX president John Landgraf told press audiences today he might have liked to see the drama continue, but ultimately respected the creative decisions to wrap up early.

It was [showrunner] Graham Yost and Timothy Olyphant's decision. I would have liked to have had more Justified, it's one of my favorite shows. We talked about it a year ago; they felt that the arc of the show and what they had to say would be best served by six seasons instead of seven. Regretfully, I accepted their decision.

Elsewhere, Landgraf also offered up an early bit of news on 'American Horror Story's fourth cycle, specifically that while Ryan Murphy plays most cards close to the chest, the next season would likely return to a period setting like 'Asylum,' keeping the majority of its current cast. "I think it'll probably be a period piece again, I don't think it'll be contemporary," says Landgraf. "I know that most of the current cast will be returning in some form, though I don't know what characters they'll be playing. I'm waiting for [Murphy] to tell me."

The news continually flies fast and furiously from the panel, but what say you? Are you disappointed 'Justified' will fire its last round with season 6? Where and when would you want to see 'American Horror Story' take place next year?