At long last, a Kingsman will meet the greatest spy America has to offer. No, not the Statesmen or their Golden Circles, but FX’s Archer! See Eggsy and Sterling match wits and glasses in an animated crossover clip fresh from Comic-Con 2017.

20th Century Fox called on FX for a little help opening today’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle panel at Comic-Con, rolling an animated short that sees Eggsy (Taron Egerton) running afoul of everyone’s favorite animated super-spy (no offense, Secret Squirrel). As you can imagine, Archer is even less interested in the job’s decorum than Eggsy.

In the meantime, Kingsman fans should count themselves lucky that the sequel will debut in September, whereas Archer might not be back for Season 9 until early 2018. At least he’s out of that coma, to be hanging around the Kingsmen, right?

Don’t forget to check out the latest Kingsman: The Secret Circle trailer, and stay tuned for more on both super-spies from the rest of Comic-Con 2017 this week.

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