We’ve reached that final lull of summer, wherein superhero movies and even HBO’s Last Week Tonight take a minor breather before the fall. Thankfully, John Oliver managed to fill both absences, offering up his take on superhero movies, and even creating one of his own.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver is regrettably off until September 25, but that didn’t stop the HBO host from airing a new segment designed to combat superhero fatigue. Yes, we’re aware that term has been thrown around for years, but seems nonetheless accurate to describe movies like “Mean Spider-Man,” and “The Insane Clown Posse Takes Manhattan.”

In their place, Oliver offered up his own superhero creation “Johnny Strong,” whose youthful alter-ego “John Olivier” bears no resemblance whatsoever to a nerdy young clarinet student afraid of his family’s cat. None at all!

While we wait for Last Week Tonight With John Oliver to make its proper return on September 25, check out the new segment above, and feel free to do “the most internet thing imaginable,” by complaining about superhero movies.

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