There are only a few days left to wait for the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' trailer to officially arrive, but if you absolutely can't wait that long for a look at Marvel's new franchise, we've got a look at one of the new LEGO sets for the upcoming movie, including a shot of their spaceship and a first look at the villainous Ronan the Accuser.

As the 2014 Toy Fair gets ready to kick off in New York City, USA Today got a sneak at one of Marvel's big debuts: the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' LEGO set. It's one of three big LEGO sets developed for the film, but Marvel is keeping the other two top secret for now (likely because they reveal plot points they don't want revealed).

"The Milano Spaceship Rescue" set, seen above, includes 665 pieces and is priced at $74.99. In addition the starship Murano, the set comes with mini-figs of Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista) and Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace).

Here are some quick zoom-ins on some of the details:

Star-Lord doing what he does. Not entirely sure of the item he's holding but it appears to be a weapon that projects a blast out of the front.

Gamora flying the Milano with Drax sitting way in the back.

Our first look at the cinematic Ronan the Accuser, who has gone from his trademark green cape to black for the movie. He's there with his mighty Kree hammer, which won't actually be called a Kree hammer, because Marvel doesn't own the movie rights to that alien race. Ronan is the main villain in the film, which also includes the villainous Thanos, Nebula and the we're not sure if he's a good guy or not, The Collector (Benicio Del Toro).

No word yet on when the LEGO 'Guardians of the Galaxy' toys will hit stores, but stay tuned for our full coverage from the 2014 Toy Fair this weekend. 'Guardians of the Galaxy' opens in theaters on August 1.