It's been a while since we've heard anything good from Lindsay Lohan, now that the media has zeroed in on her again for a string of burglaries and unpaid bills, but we're getting closer and closer to her big Hollywood comeback as work continues on Lifetime's forthcoming Elizabeth Taylor biopic 'Liz & Dick.'  We've seen a few promotional pics, but what do the eponymous duo actually look like in action?  Can Lohan sell the real thing as Cleopatra herself?

Courtesy of TVLine, we've caught the first in a line of promotional pictures surrounding troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan's apparent comeback vehicle 'Liz & Dick.'  Production has since wrapped on the film, though the star isn't still without a bit of controversy, now disputing an expensive hotel stay associated with the shoot.

The photos feature Lohan as Taylor both in her prime starring in 'Cleopatra,' as well as her later years spent hiding from the paparazzi, a sentiment Lohan herself knows all too well.  Another shot features Lohan alongside her co-star, one-time 'True Blood' star Grant Bowler.

The film is scheduled to air on Lifetime November 3, 2012.

What say you?  Do you still think Lindsay’s up to the task of playing the iconic Elizabeth Taylor?  Check out the below photos and tell us if you’re interested in the film in the comments beneath!