It's been a tumultuous ride for Lindsay Lohan and the 'Liz & Dick' team. Back when we heard the actress would be getting the part of Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime network's biopic, we were a little skeptical on whether she'd be able to kick her old habits and successfully pull off this gig. But, as the new trailer for 'Liz & Dick' will tell, yes, "Lindsay is back!" Not only that, but Lifetime can prove it by showing off some behind-the-scene footage of the project.

After all the car accidents, trips to the hospital, court dates and trying to skimp out on 'Scary Movie 5,' Lindsay Lohan is back in action with this all-new 'Liz & Dick' behind-the-scenes trailer. And it's something she's been excited to take on.

"The film arcs over [Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's] entire lives, and how they had to go through life living in the public eye," said Lohan, which is something she can definitely relate to.

In the trailer, she continuously brings up the many similarities and personal connections she has to one of her icons. Despite all her ups and downs, and everything being talked about in the gossip blogs, it seems that Lohan is trying to make a move for the better with 'Liz & Dick,' which airs this November on Lifetime. But check out the trailer below and decide for yourself if it'll be the start of something new.