It’s been a busy day for DC Comics rumors. Joaquin Phoenix might make a standalone Joker movie, and Michael Bay may direct a Lobo film, based on the outlandish DC character who briefly became one of the publisher’s hottest properties back in the 1990s. By coincidence, this was right around the time Michael Bay became one of the hottest directors in Hollywood, thanks to movies like The Rock and Armageddon. This may not be a coincidence.

A director of Michael Bay’s stature could seemingly get his hands on a higher-profile superhero character if he wanted one. But he’s tailor-made for Lobo, almost to a horrifying degree. If you’re not familiar, Lobo is an alien who dresses like a biker and mostly works as an intergalactic bounty hunter. He’s incredibly strong and he’s got a healing factor like Wolverine. He smokes cigars and says weird made-up space curse words like “bastich.” If you peruse the archives of Lobo comics at, you will be bombarded without outlandishly macho images of dudes with gigantic muscles and even bigger guns, blasting people and things and animals while cracking jokes. They look like ... Michael Bay movies.

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. Here’s a dozen Lobo comics that already look like Michael Bay movies. It is not hard to imagine Warner Bros. plopping a stack of these in front of Bay, him going “Awesome!” and signing on the dotted line. He’s found his soulmate in the form of this bastich.

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