At last, you will no longer have to just watch Marvel’s LokiYou will now be able to eat a small part of it.

That’s what you’ve always wanted right?

Yesterday, McDonald’s began teasing some sort of promotional tie-in with the upcoming second season of Marvel’s Disney+ series Loki. They posted the video below, which included clips from Seinfeld and Coming to America that themselves featured McDonald’s food, with the caption “no spoilers.” If you watch very closely, you’ll see a very brief glimpse of Loki (played by Tom Hiddelston) at a McDonald’s, where he’s ordering from Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino):

Well, the “no spoilers” thing was apt. The video (and a subsequent tweet) claimed the secret Loki whatever-it-is would be revealed on August 14. But it appears that the collaboration between food and Marvel Cinematic Universe has already been revealed on TikTok, where a McDonald’s employee posted a video of a box filled to the brim with Loki sweet ‘n sour sauce.

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Sweet ’n sour sauce has been a staple of McDonald’s menu for decades. (As all wise and smart people know, it is the best sauce for dipping Chicken McNuggets.) Presumably, this is not some newfangled version of the sauce but merely the classic (perfect) recipe with a different package. Although, it would be very appropriate for Loki for it to say “Loki Sweet ’N Sour Sauce” on the outside and then taste like, I dunno, barbecue sauce on the inside. He is the God of Mischief after all.

Of course, McDonald’s is no stranger to sauce collaborations with nerdy television shows. After being featured on an episode of Rick and Morty, they brought back their discontinued szechuan sauce — which was previously a promotional item tied to the Disney movie Mulan — for a limited time. After its first return proved to be an enormous (if ironic) hit, they brought the sauce back again last year.

Loki Season 2 premieres on Disney+ on October 6. The sauce itself isn’t featured in the show’s latest trailer, but the dark green that appears on those sweet ’n sour sauce labels is all over it.

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