In a recent trailer for the upcoming Marvel series Loki, we were introduced to Miss Minutes. Cheerful, friendly, and full of Southern charm, the animated clock mascot quickly became a fan favorite. It was Miss Miinutes who introduced Loki to the TVA — Time Variance Authority — and got him up to speed on how his trial was about to go down.

Miss Minutes now has her own Twitter account, which currently has over five thousand followers. Her first tweet arrived on May 12, when she shared her excitement at being featured on the latest Loki poster. Since then, she has peppered her timeline with a mix of time-related jokes and TVA-endorsed messages. On Tuesday, she broke character and posted a string of coded letters, prompting sharp-eyed Twitter users to take notice:

Several Marvel fans succeeded in deciphering Miss Minutes’ ominous tweet, which was written in Norse runes. The translation? “Once I escape this hell prison they call the TVA I swear I'm gonna burn everything to the ground.” Excuse me, what?

At the same time, she posted another message using the same code. This one translated to: “Eight days.” This one makes more sense, as Loki is set to debut on Disney+ on June 9, eight days after her tweet. But fans were still wondering what the intention behind this post was. Could Miss Minutes be Loki's secret villain? Not quite.

A few hours later, Miss Minutes resumed her on-brand chipper tone, sharing that the TVA servers were hacked by a variant known as... Loki. Well, that explains the Norse runes.

It turns out Loki was the one behind the creepy tweets on Miss Minutes’ timeline. Either that, or Miss Minutes is playing some serious mind games with us. Either way, Marvel’s fun use of social media only makes us more excited to catch Loki when it arrives on Disney+ next Wednesday.

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