2013 feels like a particularly dreary year given that comedian Louis C.K.'s acclaimed FX dramedy 'Louie' won't return until next summer, but the promise of C.K.'s new stand-up special "Oh My God" more than makes up for a 'Louie'-less year. The new stand-up special will air April 13 on HBO, but how would you like to see an epic new trailer right now?

Louis C.K. fans needn't fret that 'Louie' will remain off the air until 2014, given the comedian's all-new HBO special "Oh My God" will hit TV on April 13. To commemorate the brand-new special, the pay-cable network has released a new trailer of Louis C.K. previewing exactly the kind of trailer you wouldn't normally expect from the comedian. Who doesn't love a good bit of meta humor?

Like the Emmy-winning comedian’s previous special “Live at the Beacon Theater,” “Oh My God” will be made available on Louis C.K.’s website for the generous price of $5, some months after the special has its HBO premiere. According to the press release from HBO, “Oh My God” features the comedian talking about “the food chain, animals, divorce, strange anecdotes, broken morality, murder and mortality.”

Ae you excited to see a new Louis C.K. stand-up special on HBO, given that ‘Louie’ won’t return until 2014? Tell us your favorite Louis C.K. bits in the comments, check out the new trailer below and be sure to tune in for “Oh My God” on HBO April 13!