Last week, we told you that Marvel was planning a top secret new project that would be revealed at Comic-Con 2013. Today, we have confirmation on that project from the director himself. Find out what to expect below!

'Captain America' actress Hayley Atwell hinted last week that she had already filmed something outside of her appearance in the upcoming sequel, 'The Winter Soldier.' Immediately speculation began that Atwell would be reprising her role as Peggy Carter in a new Marvel "One Shot" short film. And today we have confirmation that Marvel will indeed bring a new short film to Comic-Con 2013.

Louis D'Esposito , who directed Marvel's last short film 'Item 47,' confirmed on the 'Iron Man 3' red carpet last night (via CBM) that he directed another "One Shot" that would premiere at Comic-Con 2013. While he didn't specifically confirm it would star Atwell as Peggy Carter, he did say that it centers on a strong female character in the Marvel universe.

I’ve just done a couple of short films for Marvel that feature female protagonist....It’s still top secret, but we will be premiering it at Comic-Con.

You'll notice he said "a couple" and not just one short film. Whether they will additionally run in theaters with 'Thor: The Dark World' or will premiere on the 'Iron Man 3' Blu-ray remains to be seen.

With Atwell and Derek Luke both hinting that they were returning for another Marvel project, the rumors have it that these new short films will focus on Carter and the Howlin' Commandos.

Though Atwell will return in a cameo role in 'Captain America 2,' it's good to know her character (one of the best parts of the original film) won't disappear from the Marvel universe yet.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Marvel's next short film and the expansion of the 'Captain America' universe?