The 2013 Comic-Con is still a few months away (July 18-21) but we're already starting to hear rumors of what movies could be coming to San Diego this summer. While there was some concern that Marvel might opt out of Comic-Con to instead focus on the D23 Expo, we now have word that Marvel will be at Comic-Con and has designs on announcing a top secret new superhero project that has already begun filming. What is it? Let's find out!

Hayley Atwell, who starred as Peggy Carter in 'Captain America,' will return for 'Captain America 2' despite the upcoming sequel taking place in modern day. She'll presumably be seen in flashbacks and would only make a brief appearance in the film while Emily VanCamp stars as Sharon Carter, Peggy's niece and current S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. But could it be that Atwell is working on another Marvel project? Once that hasn't yet been announced?

In an interview with The Age, Atwell drops some cryptic hints about something she recently completed for Marvel:

People really liked [Peggy Carter]. So Marvel have made sure that as part of Comic-Con there will be a little kind of snapshot as to what Peggy's actually really capable of, which was finished here and which was great fun. Hopefully, it will lead to other things.

The "here" is which Atwell is talking about is London, where she lives and where the interview took place, while 'Captain America 2' is filming in America (Cleveland to be specific). So is she speaking about another project?

At last year's Comic-Con, Marvel debuted their first "One Shot" short film, 'Item 47.' Taking place immediately after the events in 'The Avengers,' it follows to 20-somethings who find one of the Chitauri weapons and wind up being recruited as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. But here's what we're proposing: Hayley Atwell is starring in Marvel's next short film that will debut at Comic-Con 2013.

She's not the only 'Captain America' star who has cryptically spoke about their return. Derek Luke, who played Gabe Jones in the original, hinted to MTV that he was continuing to work with Marvel on something. Could Peggy Carter and some of the Howlin' Commandos have the next Marvel short film at Comic-Con 2013?

We like this possibility and will have more news for you as it develops...