"Where does the Dark Surfer trap Thanos and Captain Marvel?" If you can't answer that question, you just got beat by a 4-year-old girl in Marvel superhero trivia. Don't feel bad though, this girl really knows her stuff. Watch this adorable video below and see if you can keep up.

We'd still probably have a hard time rattling off all the gems in the Infinity Gauntlet (OK fine it's space, time, power, soul, reality and mind...) and we certainly didn't even know the Infinity Gauntlet when we were in pre-school. But Mia not only knows about Jim Starlin's six-issue miniseries from 1991, she can answer questions about it. It's pretty impressive stuff. And to think our Dads complained whenever we asked them to drive us to the comic store...

She later drops some knowledge of 'The Super Hero Squad Show' which is probably how she's getting this endless knowledge of Marvel trivia at such a young age. And the next time you wonder why Marvel is putting out toys and cartoons you think are for babies, this is why. In a few years, little Mia will be writing Marvel comics.

(Also, stick around for our favorite moment from the video at 1:08, a cameo appearance from Mia's brother who doesn't know what the hell is going on.)