We know what Marvel movies are part of Phase 2 of the Cinematic Universe: 'Iron Man 3,' 'Thor 2,' 'Captain America 2,' 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'The Avengers 2.' Beyond that, all that has been confirmed is Edgar Wright's 'Ant-Man.' But in an article on the future of 'The Avengers' we've got confirmation on what other movies Marvel is developing and it looks like Phase 3 is about to get very, very big.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed in a wide-ranging article on the future of Marvel that the studio currently has scripts in the works for 'Ms. Marvel' and a 'Blade' reboot and are actively developing 'Doctor Strange,' 'Iron Fist,' Black Panther' and 'The Runaways' movies.

Now not all of those will necessarily fall within the realms of 'The Avengers' and Phase 3. We can certainly see 'Doctor Strange' fitting into that world but not 'The Runaways' or another 'Blade' movie. With a bunch of properties returning to Marvel (like 'Blade' and 'Ghost Rider') you can expect to see more standalone Marvel superhero films that don't necessarily tie in to the existing franchises.

While the studio wouldn't confirm that 'Ghost Rider' or 'Daredevil' reboots are in the works, they have previously said they're just happy to have them back "at home" and where they're free to develop them internally.

So what do you think of these films? There are some films we'd previously heard of (Marvel has been trying to crack a 'Black Panther' film for years) but others are relatively new ('Ms. Marvel'). Are there other characters that Marvel owns the rights to that you'd like to see developed into a movie?