Surprising no one, Netflix and Aziz Ansari’s Master of None scored some top-tier Emmy nominations yesterday, making the wait for Season 2 that much more excruciating. According to co-creator Alan Yang however, new episodes will begin filming as early as this summer, featuring some very welcome returning stars.

A post Emmy interview with Variety saw Yang offering a slight update on the second season, which aims to shoot later this year for an unknown (but likely 2017) premiere date. The first season ended with Dev (Ansari) bound for Italy to start a new life as a pastamaker (for which we’d seen Ansari researching), though Yang declined to specify exactly where production might take place:

We’re getting scripts together now. We’re shooting in late summer and into the fall. We took a little bit of a break to sort of experience more stuff and get stories from our real lives to incorporate into the second season, and I think it really paid off. Aziz and I talk a lot, and we had dozens of pages of notes from our phone calls, so we came in with a lot of ideas for the new season. I’m excited. I think we have some great episodes and some things we haven’t done on the show before.

Yang was also sure to note that “we definitely have plans for [the parents] to return,” for those wondering if Ansari’s real-life father (and fan-favorite) Shoukath Ansari would again play a role next season.

In the meantime, all episodes of Master of None Season 1 are available to stream on Netflix, while you can watch the trailer below.

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